Feelin' the Love

Ah, kids. They're so full of love, aren't they?

Just the other morning my four-year-old appeared next to my bed at the crack of dawn. "Go downstairs wif me," she commanded.

We did the whole, "Go back to sleep!" "No, I CAN'T, Mommy!!" routine for a while, then I finally dragged myself out of bed and scooped her up.

As I was carrying her downstairs, I noticed her little knees and little hands. I was overcome with how tiny and cute she was. So I plopped her down on the couch and said, "Claire, you are SO CUTE!"

Her response was somewhat chilly:
Me: "I'll turn on the T.V. in a second. Just look at your little PJs! And your little feet! How adorable are you??"

Looking straight ahead, she repeated:

Me: "Claire, I just love you so much! You're my little baby!"

I know: it was such a tender moment.

Later, I went upstairs to find my six-year-old playing in her room.
"Hi Kate!" I said.

She took one look at me and excitedly shrieked:
This was not good news.


As I searched for the flat iron, I tried one last outreach to Claire. "Claire, how much do you love your mommy?" I yelled.

There was a pause. Then, finally, a response. "My show is over!" she shouted indignantly.

"I need to write these wonderfully magical moments down in her baby book," I thought to myself.

But wait - Claire's baby book is pretty much blank. Haven't quite gotten around to filling it out... hmm, I guess I'll just blog about these tender moments instead. And so here we are. Feelin' the love.


Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I saw Rebecca. Good post!

LipsonBlogger said...

Captures that moment perfectly when you want to cuddle and your little one is having none of it. I also liked how her eyes were drawn, very similar to how you draw Jack's eyes. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

So thankful all my kids are teenagers. Wait, did I just say that?

Rebecca was classic. Laugh out loud moment here as well.